Event 25-09-2022

The event will be held on Vijayadashami, October 5, 2022, at 5-6:30 pm IST. The event is open to one and all! The session will throw light on some known and unknown concepts from Srimad Ramayana and also delve into the Epic’s message of Dharma and its relevance in today’s times!

Topic 1

Ravana – Demon or Demi-God?

Ravana, Dashaanana, Lankesh, the villain of the Epic goes by many names and faces. What does the Ramayana have to say about the ten-faced Rakshasa King?

Topic 2

Astras – Wild weapons or Divine Tools?

Nuclear weapons? Fiery missiles? Golden arrows?
What were the divine Astras in reality? Find out from our expert panel!

Our Guest Speakers