Sri Naama Ramayana - Sanskrit

A Unique Stotra to learn the Ramayana through Rama Naama 

Sri Naama Ramayana - Sanskrit

The Sri Naama Raamayana Stotram

The Naama Ramayana is a stotra (hymn) that captures the essence of the Srimad Ramayana in its entirety from the Bala Kaanda to the Uttara Kaanda. The stotra is said to have been composed by Sri Lakshmanacharya. It is also an easy way for children to know the Ramayana through the Rama Naama.

Here is an easy-to-use ebook of the stotra in Sanskrit-Hindi

राम राम जय राजा राम ॥
राम राम जय सीता राम ॥