Nityaraamasmaranam - Baala Kaanda

Reminiscing our Purushottama's Sri Rama's childhood.

The source of the Valmiki Ramayana

It is Devarishi Narada who first narrates the story of Shri Rama to Maharishi Valmiki. This is known as the Moola Ramayana, a summary of the entire epic in 100 verses.

Devarishi Narada says that he has heard the story of the Purushottama, the ideal human, with all the ideal gunas (attributes) from Brahmadeva.

Maharishi Valmiki expands Devarishi Narada’s narration in poetic form into the Valmiki Ramayana we know of today.

The Valmiki Ramayana is said to have been composed based on the structure of the sacred Gayatri Mantra, with each 1,000 verses, beginning with one letter of the Mantra.