Nitya Raama Smaranam - Baala Kaanda- 12

Reminiscing our Purushottama's Sri Rama's childhood.

Ashwamedha Yagna - Look beyond the horse

• The Ashwamedha Yagna involves sending a royal horse on a campaign with a sign on its forehead, challenging other kings. If anyone captured the horse, war followed. Else, the Yagna’s performer was declared invincible.

• Raja Dasharatha performed the Ashwamedha before the Putrakameshti ritual to please the Devas and beget children.

• Throughout the Yagna, all people – Brahmanas, pilgrims, sages, servants, traders, the elderly and sick were fed regularly.

The Ashwamedha Yagna begins after a year of preliminary rituals and is held for three days. A savana ritual is held thrice each day.
This ritual involves offering the juice of the Soma creeper, says the Kalpa Sutra

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