Nitya Raama Smaranam - Baala Kaanda- 13

Reminiscing our Purushottama's Sri Rama's childhood.

King Dasharatha's Ashwamedha Yagna

Today, we shall see how Ayodhya prepares for Raja Dasaratha’s Ashwamedha Yagna and the list of guests as well!

• After the royal horse returned unchallenged, Raja Dasharatha began the Yagna north of the Sarayu’s banks. It was conducted in Spring season, a year after all preliminary rituals.

• Hundreds of sanctified houses were built for Brahmanas, with food and drinks. Spacious accommodation was also arranged for city dwellers too and kings arriving from distant places. Similarly, many horse stables and elephant stalls and large camps for erected for soldiers.

To know about the special guest list at the grand Yagna, see our ‘Story in Pictures’

Food was regularly offered to people of all strata with due respect. Special attention was given to architects constructing the Yagna-shala and altars; they were well-treated with funds and food.

The Story in Pictures