Nityaraamasmaranam Aranya Kaanda - Ch. 225

Shoorpanakha Punished

Today, as Shoorpanakha tries to slay Mata Sita, Lakshmana puts her in place by chopping off her nose and ears.

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As Shri Rama smiled, Shoorpanakha continued, “Shall I eat up this disfigured, dishonest, devilish Sita with a hallow stomach along with your brother, so that you are free to roam with me, on various mountaintops and forests?”

Rama chuckled and said, “O broad-eyed, great-waisted one, I am already wedded to Sita and you won’t find it easy to be a co-wife. Go to my good-natured, youthful and valiant brother Lakshmana. He is without a wife and can be a good husband for you.”

Shoorpanakha at once wooed Lakshmana, “I am a fair and charming enough to be your wife, come sport with me all over Dandaka.”

Lakshmana smiled, “You will just be another servant, O black lotus, if you marry me. For I serve dear Rama forever. O large-eyed Sundari, Rama is a better suitor and you will live your dreams and be happy with him.”

“O, he will adore you alone after abandoning that disfigured, dishonest, old wife of his. Which wise man will give up on a beautiful woman like you with a beautiful waist.” Missing Lakshmana’s sarcasm, Shoorpanakha, went again to Rama, mad with lust.

She said, “Rama! You ignore me as this disfigured, dishonest, diabolical, hallow-stomached old wife is with you. So now, I will eat up this Sita before your eyes and then I can make merry with you, without the worry of a co-wife.”

Then as the sharp-nailed demoness rushed to attack Sita, Shri Rama rose angrily to stop her and called out to Lakshmana. “Dear Lakshmana, see the effects of your jokes. Come, protect Sita by punishing this demoness.  The next instant, Lakshmana drew his sword and chopped off Shoorpanakha’s ears and nose, on which she screamed loudly and ran off to Janasthana, where her cousins, Khara and Dooshana, ruled. Entering Khara’s palace, Shoorpanakha fell on the ground, blood flowing from her nose. She told them all that had happened.

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