Nityaraamasmaranam Aranya Kaanda - Ch. 226

Khara Enraged

Today, Shoorpanakha complains to her cousins Khara and Dooshana, and an army of demons marches to Panchavati!

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On seeing the fallen and bleeding Shoorpanakha, Khara’s anger knew no bounds. “Rise sister, and tell me who disfigured you in this way? Who has playfully poked a fanged black cobra? He who has troubled you has carelessly drunk poison, not knowing Yama’s noose is tightening him.”

“Who was it? Was it a Deva, a Rishi, a Yaksha, who was it that disfigured you like this? Shoorpanakha, you are bold and brave, changing forms at will, you match Yama in might. Not even Devendra with his thousand eyes can dare to displease me.”

“I will take the life of your harasser just as a swan separates milk and water. Whose blood is Bhoomi impatient to drink? Not the Devas, Gandharvas or Danavas or Pisaachaas can save that villain. Calm down, sister and tell me who brought you to this state?”

The evil demoness said, “There are two brothers in Panchavati, handsome, mighty, with lotus-like eyes, yet they are dressed like hermits and live like Yogis, eating fruits and tubers. They are the sons of King Dasharatha – Rama and Lakshmana. It is difficult for me to say whether they are Devas or Daityas?”

Shoorpanakha grinned, “Also, I saw a shapely lady with the two brothers. She was comely and adorned with lots of ornaments. It is because of her that I am in this situation. Khara, I want to drink the blood of those two princes and Sita on the battlefield. Fulfill my wish.”

Khara then vengefully summoned fourteen great mighty demons that similar to Yama. He roared, “Two puny humans, clad like hermits are wandering Dandaka with a beautiful woman. Go and return only on killing those three and let my sister sip their blood.”

Commanded by Khara, those fourteen demons marched to Panchavati with Shoorpanakha like black-clouds glided by a strong wind. Little did they know that they would be soon burnt by the wildfire that was Shri Rama.

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