Nitya Raama Smaranam - Ayodhya Kaanda - English - Vol 4

Shri Rama - Heading for the Forest

Nityaraamasmaranam - Ayodhya Kaanda - English

The Ayodhya Kaanda, is the first book within the Srimad Valmiki Ramayana. Though it begins on a note of great joy, it soon descends into gloom, with Shri Rama being exiled. All is not lost though, for us, the readers, as there are many, many nuggets of deep wisdom that we hear from the events in this book. Here is the first volume of the Ayodhya Kaanda, in our Nityaraamasmaranam series!

रामम् दशरथम् विद्धि माम् विद्धि जनक आत्मजाम् |
अयोध्याम् अटवीम् विद्धि गच्च तात यथा सुखम् ||

“O dear Lakshmana! From today, know Rama to be Dasharatha! See Sita as myself. Consider the forest to be Ayodhya and leave happily!”

- Mata Sumitra's parting blessing to Lakshmana!