Nitya Raama Smaranam - Ayodhya Kaanda - A Recap

Shri Rama - From a Prince to an Asectic

Shri Rama - On the path to Vanavaasa

The Ayodhya Kaanda, is among the largest books within the Srimad Valmiki Ramayana. Though it begins in the backdrop of celebrations, with preparations for Shri Rama’s Pattabhishekam, we eventually see Bhagavan leave for the forest. Here is a recap of the entire chain of events up to the point where Shri Rama enters the forest. Browse the story easily, byte by byte! 

रामम् दशरथम् विद्धि माम् विद्धि जनकात्मजाम्|
अयोध्याम् अटवीम् विद्धि गच्च तात यथा सुखम् ||

“O dear Lakshmana! From today, know Rama to be Dasharatha! See Sita as myself. Consider the forest to be Ayodhya and leave happily!”

- Mata Sumitra to LAKSHMANA

The Story in Pictures