Sanatana Dharma - A Discussion Series​

A series of posts on understanding our Sanatana 

What is Sanatana Dharma? - 1

Dear Bandhus,


In the light of a political figure calling ‘Sanatana Dharma’, a disease that must be completely eradicated, it is time that we realise the true wisdom passed down to us by our Acharyas.

First, the very thought that ‘Sanatana’ can be completely destroyed is itself illogical. Let us understand why.


If we look at the definition of Sanatana in Sanskrit, it refers to something ‘eternal’, having no beginning or end.


Next, let us look at the definition of Dharma. Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit root, ‘dhr’, which means to nourish, sustain and protect. Joined with the affix , ‘man’, it gives us ‘Dharma‘.


So, Dharma is that which sustains and protects, Srishti, creation itself. It is when this sustained balance is disturbed, that Adharma arises and an Avataara of Bhagavan descends to restore the balance.


Our current understanding of Dharma as a set of duties, rules and sometimes, quite wrongly as a religion that began in some age, evolved depending on how history unfolded.


Yet, at this moment, let us go back to the pristine, original, wisdom of our Acharyas.

In all, therefore, something that is eternal can never be destroyed, logically. Well, sadly, many, miss that point.


Vande Mataram!

Jai Shree Ram!