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A series of posts on understanding our Sanatana Dharma - A way of life

Sanatana Dharma? - 5 - Bhagavan Naama rushes to our rescue

Dear Bandhus,

In the previous post in our #SanatanaDharma series, we saw the importance of following our Aachaaras and Anushtanas without fail. Yet, in these modern times, where we are bound by Samsaara Bandha, is there no easy way? Let us find out today…

What’s in a name?, William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon famously quipped. Well, if he had put the question to our Acharyas and Maharishis, he would have got their resounding reply – “EVERYTHING”. The Vishnu Sahasranama says – Yasya Smarana Maatrena, Janma Samsaara Bandhanaat Vimuchyate Namastasmai, Vishnave Prabhavishnave 
(merely, thinking of Bhagavan’s name can free us from the bonds of Samsaara!)

The greatness of Naama Smarana as well as Naama Japa cannot be explained in a few words.

Therefore, let us take refuge at the feet of some great Bhaktas whom we see in our Itihaasas and Puranas!

The great Acharya Koorathaaazhwaar, one of the prime sishyas of Srimad Ramanujacharya, says clearly in His Sri Narayanashtakam –


Vaatsalyad-Abhaya-Pradhaana-Samayaat-Aartaarti-nirvapanat-Audaryad-Aghashosanaad_ Aganitah-Shreyah Pada-Praapanaat

Sevyah Sripatir-Ekameva Jagataam-Ete-Cha Shatsaakshinaha Prahladashcha Vibheeshanashcha Kariraat Panchali-Ahalya-Dhruvah


The sloka says, “Owing to His Boundless motherly compassion, due to his habit of giving Abhaya to the afraid, because He removes the sorrow of those sunk in sadness, as He is greatly magnanimous and the destroyer of all Sins, and lastly because He makes His Bhaktas attain the Highest Positions, He, Lakshmipati alone is the refuge of all the worlds. Why, even Prahlaada, Vibheeshana, Gajendra, Panchali, Ahalya and Dhruva are supreme witnesses to his grace.”

We all know the stories of these great Bhaktas, so if they could make Bhagavan run to them with their unshakeable Bhakti, can’t we? Yes, we can! Let us keep trying and rejoice in the endless ocean of nectar that is Bhagavan Naama!

Sarvatra Govinda Naama Sankeertanam

Govinda, Govinda!

Vande Maataram!