Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Play a series of Quizzes on our Nandalaal!

Krishna Quiz - 02

As Madanamohana Shri Krishna enters our homes today, we begin with the first of many quizzes on him, his lives, the people around him, the demons he fought, the damsels and devotees he stole the hearts of and every moment he lit up with his presence and continues to do so. Every quiz will have eight questions to symbolise Shri Krishna.

रामम् दशरथम् विद्धि माम् विद्धि जनक आत्मजाम् |
अयोध्याम् अटवीम् विद्धि गच्च तात यथा सुखम् ||

“O dear Lakshmana! From today, know Rama to be Dasharatha! See Sita as myself. Consider the forest to be Ayodhya and leave happily!”

- Mata Sumitra's parting blessing to Lakshmana!